CMA Australia Annual General Council

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This event has ended.

Join us for our C&MA Annual General Council

Guest speakers include Rev Dr John Dickson and Rev Dr Jura Yanagihara.

Join the evening Council Sessions which will be held;

Level 6, Marie Reay Teaching Centre, (Building 155), 

Kambri ANU, 155 University Avenue

Free parking is available for visitors after 5pm on ANU campus and 3 hours free parking on Saturday at Kambri

  • Wednesday 7:30pm - Rev Dr John Dickson
  • Thursday 7;30pm - Rev Dr Jura Yanagihara
  • Friday 7:30pm - Rev Ken Graham
  • Saturday 9am - Rev Ken Graham & Rev Dr Jura Yanagihara

The Council Workshop on Saturday will assist us all to be encouraged, equipped and prepared to reach our communities. The workshop is FREE and everyone is welcome to attend, however, there is a $15 fee for the morning tea on Saturday. If you would like attend, please let Antoinette know by by Mon 27 Jan as final number is required by the venue.

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This event has ended.