Do What it Says Webinar with John Soper

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This event has ended.

“Do not merely listen to the word…………..Do what it says!” J ames 1:22 – NIV

In this webinar, Pastor Soper will share some of his vast experience in helping people to not only know God’s Word, but to do it! One Sunday morning, after preaching a sermon at his church, someone said to him, “I get the idea that when you preach, it’s as though you want us to DO something”. “Yes”, he said, “I do”. How he prepares for that, and lessons he has learnt along the way will be covered in the webinar. 

Pastor Soper will present for about 30 minutes, followed by a further 30 minutes of live questions and answers - you just feed in the questions from wherever you are!


12.00 noon Suva

11.00 am. Brisbane | Sydney | Canberra | Melbourne | Hobart

10.30 am  Darwin | Adelaide

 9.00 am  Perth


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This event has ended.