18 August, 2021

The Sounds of Seagulls

If you have ever had a picnic by the sea and been surrounded by seagulls, you know the sound this image evokes!

Seagulls can get seriously cranky!

They squawk and throw their heads back, act menacing and try to keep the other gulls away! It’s very unattractive!

Lately I have been squawking and stomping (and even cussing a little) and trust me it’s not attractive either!

Let’s be honest, the last few years have been horrid! We all have tales to tell of grief, sorrow, disappointment and uncertainty even if they are not the same!

Mine have included a broken arm, a dental procedure gone terribly wrong, a few emergency hospital visits, a gallbladder removed, some ambulance rides, losing my faithful dog, being riddled with tropical parasites, losing far too much weight (yes it’s a thing!) unable to eat properly…. and I haven’t even started on COVID related issues! Missing out on a mission trip and a long planned holiday, not being able to visit my kids and new grandson, having my sons wedding postponed…. The list is long!

Yesterday I was feeling especially annoyed with this most recent chapter of life, when God reminded me to not look within but to look up! Just when I was ready to throw myself an amazing pity party (admit it, you know the ones I mean) God called me to praise Him! I really do have so much to be thankful for!

Okay, so I can’t eat nuts or meat or eggs or cheese or even chocolate but I can eat all kinds of fruit and veg! And lots of it! Although I can’t see my kids in person I can call them on the phone and video chat! I have a warm house and a soft bed! I am blessed with an incredible husband … and best of all I know my Jesus and He knows me!

Life may be tough and this recent season may be painful but instead of a pity party, let us make a decision to throw a praise party! Jesus is still Lord of all and you can trust Him all the way!

We are called to rejoice always and pray with thanksgiving in all situations. In fact we are told when we do this, we will know the peace of God… so what are you thankful for?

Why not read Phil 4:4-7 and make a praise list!

11 August, 2021

Sewing Machines Wanted

Do you have a sewing machine lying around you are not using? Let us know!

We have the opportunity to send some sewing machines to an Alliance Church plant in the Philippines (Tagum Alliance Gospel Church) who are wanting to establish a skills training and income generating project in their local community.

27 July, 2021

No Service this week

Don't forget, there will be NO service held at the church this Sunday as we are celebrating our 50th Birthday out at the Yarralumla Woolshed. This means there will also be no live streaming of the celebration.

For those who are registered to join us, please don't forget to rug up as we expect it to be a little chilly. The service starts at 11am, with arrivals from 10:30am. There will be someone at the gate to let you in and give you directions. As the Woolshed shares the property with the Equestrian Centre the gate MUST be kept closed so if you arrive before we have someone there please make sure you close the gate behind you.

Lunch will be served around 12:30pm

7 July, 2021

Against the Tide

Against the Tide is an apologetics documentary featuring Dr John Lennox and Kevin Sorbo. It follows their investigation into the intersection of science and history with biblical truth in areas of creation the universe and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The premium digital release of this film is for one week only from July 19th.

Tickets are only $20 per household which makes the perfect tool for families and home groups

You can find out more information and purchase tickets on their website following the link to the left or scanning the QR code below

29 June, 2021

Save the Date - Missions Week

Kim Chau, (International worker in Cambodia), will be our visiting speaker for this years Missions Convention.

7th - 13th September

15 June, 2021

Volunteer Needed

We are still looking for someone to look after the bottle and cans we collect to support the Alliance Kids sponsor child Doreen.

The cans and bottles need to be taken to Return It Phillip and exchanged for cash. This would need to be done at least once a month and take approximately 1 hour.

If that is you, please contact Antoinette; office@alliancechurch.com.au

Watch the video to see how the work of Compassion supports children, their families and communities. Perhaps you might consider child sponsorship as well!

8 June, 2021

This week at the Gathering

This week (13th) at The Gathering we’ll be showing the movie All Saints.

It’s rated PG and good for the whole family.

Why don't you join us?

Please make sure you check in on arrival using the Check in CBR app

16 March, 2021

Compassion Australia

Worldwide, 385 million children live in extreme poverty. Poverty robs children of their basic rights to learn, play and grow. In its ugliest form, poverty can lead to exploitation, child labour and even death. It's unacceptable. That's why the Child Sponsorship Program of Compassion exists. Because more powerful than poverty is the hope of Jesus, the care of a local church and the encouragement of you: a loving sponsor.

We tend to forget though that it is a two way relationship. While we are caring for these children physically and spiritually, they are also praying for us! Watch the video of sponsor children praying - it is inspiring and humbling at the same time.

22 February, 2021

Check in CBR

Using the Check in CBR app is now compulsory when attending worship services or any event held at our premises. Make sure you download the app for your phone and check in when you arrive.