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26 March, 2020

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Latest Update COVID-19 - Church Meetings Cancelled

Dear Church Family

It is after lots of phone calls and discussion with the Eldership that a decision has been made to suspend the activities of Woden Valley Alliance Church up until the Government allows us to meet again without all the restrictions and when the Corona Virus is under control.

The decision has not been made lightly, our duty of care and public perception are strong factors in this whole decision making process. There has been an ever-increasing criteria from our government to reduce our gathering size and the physical distancing requirement which makes corporate worship very difficult.

Consequently, church is closed tomorrow the 22nd of March for the near foreseeable future. We are however in discussion with those who know how to make a way for us to live stream our services. Hopefully this will be up and running by Sunday the 29th of March.

As to the other programs that the church is running, we will send out another email with a list after more discussion on Monday.

I am aware these are unsettling times. These are untravelled waters and we are not quite sure what the future holds. Rest assured God has got this and is aware of what is taking place.

What can you do you might ask? Find a place to pray, find a place to worship, find a place in your heart to help others who might be scared, fearful and frightened of what is happening around them.

Psalm 121 says. Where does my help come from? Feel free to read it for yourself and reflect for your own devotion this week.

Yours faithfully Pastor Ben on behalf of the Elders.


WVAC and the COVID-19 Update

Dear Church Members

In light of the current COVID-19 situation and the most recent advice from the Government and Health Officials, please read through the following important information regarding the activities at WVAC.

WVAC Family Camp has been cancelled for this weekend 20-22 March. Camp fees that have been paid will be returned within the next 2 weeks.

WVAC will be holding a modified Sunday morning service this Sunday 22nd March. Based on the current recommendations from the Government and Health officials we advise the following:

- Upon arrival, we ask that children be dropped straight to the Mission Centre for kid’s church and adults to gather in the church building. We believe that this arrangement, along with those of our congregation that will choose not to attend church this weekend, will allow us to keep numbers below the required 100 for indoor spaces.

- Individuals who fall under the current higher risk categories for COVID-19 should please feel free to stay at home and not attend church this Sunday.

- If you have a sore throat or are feeling unwell, please do not attend church

- Any individual/family who are concerned or unsure about gathering together this Sunday should please feel free to stay at home.

- We will be following the recommendations for hygiene and social/physical distancing. This includes:

- No physical touch at our service (handshakes, hugs etc.)

- There will be no morning tea after the service

- Baskets will be provided for collection of the offering rather than passing the offering bags around.

- There will be no Gathering at 4pm this Sunday.

Ongoing Communication and Updates

Please ensure that you are connected to us via at least one of the following digital platforms as these will be the primary ways we will communicate with you:

- You are receiving our weekly In Touch Emails from

- You like and follow our Facebook Page at [Woden Valley Alliance Church](

- Visit the [Church Website](

- Your are registered for the Church App and have selected to receive notifications. You can follow the links to the apps below.



At this stage we are asking all home group and ministry group leaders to decide if your group will continue to meet or not based on the current recommendations and the feeling of your group members.

There are many sermons online for those staying home.

This is new ground for all of us and we thank you for working with us as we adapt to the information and recommendations that seem to be changing almost daily. We will continue to assess our church gatherings on a weekly basis and will keep you informed weekly through our digital channels.

We still want to worship God and affirm that a sincere heart of worship should not be affected by the format it takes.


Ps Ben & Ps Andrew and Elders