Sharnay Ormazabal

Childrens/Youth Worker

Sharnay has been at Woden Valley Alliance since 2018 and is a part of our Discovery Internship Program. She has been working in childcare for several years now and her role at WVAC is quite varied. This includes Alliance Kids, and helping out with the Valley Youth and Kreative Kids Playgroup programs. She is also facilitating a girls group and Breakfast Club at Stromlo High School. Sharnay tries to get involved with church life as much as she can as she really values the community and life here at WVAC. 

Sharnay has a passion for children and youth and helping them discover how incredible life can be when you are on fire and in love with Jesus Christ. She has a very missional heart and a desire to see more people come to know the love of Jesus Christ through community and outreach. 

In her spare time, Sharnay loves to paint and practise her photography skills, as well as spending time with friends and family and reading.