Ministry & Mission

As part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance worldwide, our passion is not just knowing and following Jesus, but helping others know and follow Him. This begins with those God has placed in our spheres of influence and flows to those in other cultures who are searching desperately for meaning, significance, security, and love.

We seek to exalt Christ by personally engaging in His mission, particularly with those who have critically low access to the gospel. As they respond, we pray that they will build Great Commission churches that will go to the remaining dark places of the world.

We are committed to expanding the reach of the gospel throughout the world by

  • Establishing new churches and communities of faith
  • Discipling new believers
  • Training new generations of church leaders
  • Providing critical medical care
  • Broadcasting the gospel over the airwaves
  • Helping those displaced by war and disaster
  • Digging clean-water wells in drought-stricken areas
  • Sharing the gospel with prison inmates
  • Restoring broken marriages
  • Establishing schools and hospitals
  • Providing career training for the unemployed

The C&MA Australia is currently engaged in the following mission areas: Australia (Indigenous Ministries), Thailand, Japan, East Africa, Indonesia, Cambodia, Fiji, Bali and Papua.

More from 'Ministry & Mission'

Discovery Internship Program

An internship program with Woden Valley Alliance Church is a unique opportunity for you to explore and discover more about who you are, to expand your faith, develop your gifts and to find out what serving in your local church, local community and in a missional context is all about.

Often as young people we have a desire to serve God but are unsure where, when or how. This internship program has been designed to offer you a wide range of opportunities to discover, sample, learn, and explore who God has created and called you to be. You will be able to immerse yourself in the local church in some key ministry areas and at the same time, connect with the community in a number of ways and also look at serving cross culturally. The whole internship program has been established so you will be able to gain valuable experience, be challenged, stretched, nurtured and encouraged to grow as you serve God intentionally for a period of 18 months.

Our internship program is open to people who are over the age of 18 years, are committed to growing in their faith, developing their spiritual gifts and serving the Kingdom of God.

There are 2 options in the journey:

- Be part of the Discovery Internship Program AND study a Diploma of Christian Studies with ACOM (Australian College of Ministries)

- Join our Discovery Internship Program AND be enrolled in some form of formal training which could be used in Ministry. Eg Family Counselling, Bible College, Social Work, Nursing etc

This training pathway is provided in partnership with the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM). ACOM is a Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity who offer internationally recognised higher education awards.

Study with ACOM is Austudy & Fee-Help approved through the Sydney College of Divinity, for students who meet the Australian Government criteria. Visit www.studyassist.gov.au for details.

Discovery Internship: Feb 2022 – June/July 2023.

Meeting Mondays 9-3pm during school terms only. Start date: Mon 7th Feb

Five weekend retreats spread out over 18 months. One Mission trip early 2023. (This trip may be overseas or inside Australia depending on world travel conditions). Strongly recommend studying at least Spiritual Formation with ACOM.

Cost: $4,500 - $6,000 plus the cost of any ACOM units studied to be paid directly to ACOM.


Alliance Institute for Mission

The Alliance Institute for Mission is the official training arm of the Christian & Missionary Alliance of Australia, an evangelical church that has been in Australia since the sixties. Founded in 1971, the primary purpose of the Institute has been to serve the local church by training men and women for Christian ministry. Since 2007, we have partnered with the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) in order to offer quality accredited training.

New Award - Master of Intercultural Ministry (MIM)

Designed with input from both missiologists and experienced Alliance missionaries, The Master of Intercultural Ministry (MIM) is an 18 month full-time (up to 4.5 years part-time) award that prepares the student for effective intercultural service. Whilst the call to take the gospel into all the world hasn’t changed, the ways in which we engage in mission continue to develop as new opportunities and possibilities arise. The MIM has been designed to provide practical engagement in key skills and knowledge to help students develop effective intercultural ministry practices for today. Connections with missiologists, current and past international workers and practical field instruction throughout the award will also assist in building key competencies for intercultural ministry. This focused award which is biblically grounded and theologically astute will prepare students for effective intercultural service wherever God may call them. Please see the attached brochure for specific details of the award.

Rev Dr Rod Russell-Brown has accepted the position of Associate Dean of the Alliance Institute for Mission. Rod will be directing the operation of the award and will be managing its day-to-day implementation. After 15 years as National President of the C&MA of Australia, Rod is well connected with the broader Alliance field and has already been connecting with Alliance workers from around world. I’m very excited about the potential for this new award to develop the next generation of Australian Alliance Missionaries


Mission Exposure Trips

The Alliance has a rich heritage of reaching out across the globe with the God News of Jesus. We believe we have a calling as part of the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations. Therefore, while we are passionate about connecting to our local community and reaching out within our own families, city and nation, we also want to create opportunities to reach out overseas.

Currently our short-term mission trips are done in partnership with Alliance Youth Australiaand Heartfelt Hope, who offer a couple of trips each year.