24 October, 2021 @ 9:30 AM

AM Service - In Person services from 14th November

Join us for worship

In person services will commence from Sunday 14th November.

As we are back to the 1:4 square metre requirements, there will be only be 50 tickets available each week for the main service.

Unfortunately, Alliance Kids will NOT be running at this stage.

"In Person" Check List

- Book online by clicking on your chosen date below

- Check in using the Check In CBR app (see details below)

- Wear a Mask

- Sanitise Hands on arrival

- Make sure you social distance - 1.5m apart

It is mandatory to check in using the Check in CBR App. We ask that you download the app for your phone from the [Google Play Store](https://play.google.com/store) or the [Apple App Store](https://www.apple.com/au/app-store/) and register your details, (required for the first time only). When you arrive at church, open the app, select ‘check in now’ and hover your smartphone camera over the displayed QR Code. You can also add in any additional people who are with you. One of the ushers will be able to check in those who do not have a smart phone.

Make sure you are booked in before you turn up! We don't want to have to turn you away because it is full. Sadly, we've also had a few no shows which has meant people who have wanted to come have been unable to. So double check the date you have booked and make sure you turn up! It is important that if you are no longer able to attend, that you let us know as soon as possible so that your place can be given to another.

[14th November](https://alliancechurch.elvanto.com.au/form/23cca805-fb2c-44de-9e1f-6293ab07965b)

[21st November](https://alliancechurch.elvanto.com.au/form/491bf174-6e76-4ece-9a3a-38d5105e5e5b)

[28th November](https://alliancechurch.elvanto.com.au/form/9e6eca99-ec9b-4bc2-bf2c-cc5c3fffcfb5)

5th December - Celebration Sunday (Bookings not open yet)

[12th December](https://alliancechurch.elvanto.com.au/form/f76e8b0f-4e09-45f2-8c52-dfe664d590b2)

[19th December](https://alliancechurch.elvanto.com.au/form/fe25bcc4-797f-4b0d-b826-90a6ace13540)

24th December - Christmas Eve (Bookings not open yet)

25th December - Christmas Day (Bookings not open yet)